Return & Refund Policy

A wire refund takes up to 7 working days to be credited back to your account.

To successfully withdraw funds from Your MGC Logic account, the client has to submit a withdrawal request from his profile. To fill the withdrawal request form correctly, the client will be required to select one of the withdrawal options indicated on the list and fill all the necessary information.

After the submission of the withdrawal request by a client, such a request will assume the requested status. When processing of the request is being done, it assumes an in Process status. Immediately the in-process status is assigned, the requested funds will be deducted from the Client’s account balance, which can be checked in the MGC login.

Afterward, the withdrawal request is given a processed status, and after that, the required amount will be transferred to the payment system.

MGC Logic financial department is responsible for processing all the withdrawal requests one at a time. The withdrawal request is processed within three working days. The company has the right to either increase or decrease the processing time, and in such a situation the company will inform the Client about the changes via the contact methods provided by the client in her profile.

The Client is only obliged to withdraw money from the payment system used in depositing funds to his or her account. In circumstances where it is technical to withdraw money to the system used when making a deposit, the company will suggest the payment method to be used. In such a scenario, the payment information provided has to match the conditions outlined by the client in her profile.

The Client is required to provide the company with correct information when submitting the withdrawal request. For instance, if a Client uses a bank card to make deposits, then withdrawals shall be processed to this bank card as long as it does not exceed the funds deposited within 90 days from the last deposit. Withdrawal to bank cards has a higher priority when compared to other withdrawal types.

The information provided by the client on his account has to be verified by the company, and if the client owns a wallet, then he is permitted to withdraw money from his trading account to an amount equivalent to his holdings at the time when his withdrawal request is being processed. For instance, if a client has opted for a Crypto trading position primarily asset amounting $100. Upon the closure of his position, the Client will enjoy the below privileges:

  • Use her trade outcome to credit her trading balance
  • Transfer the resulting amount to her wallet address.

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