Is MGC Logic REALLY A Scam

MGC Logic Review

Are you a trader looking for a good trading platform? Well, you are in the right place. Our MGC Logic trading platform is one of the best and leading brokers for buying and selling bitcoin in Europe. We are also the leading cryptocurrency trading platform in the world. The fact that we are currently doing extremely well in the trading area, we are facing a lot of challenges each and every day. Why? Our competitors are trying to pull us down not forgetting that we are unbreakable and we are currently shinning like a diamond. Competing with your competitors sometimes is a daunting task. They’ll try to give weird reasons to pull your business down. It is business by the way and I can’t complain. The good thing is that sometimes it is better to tell people the truth and that is why we are here to clear all the allegations about our MGL Logic platform.

MGC Logic Overview

MGC Logic is a brokerage platform that provides traders an opportunity to exclusively trade cryptocurrencies like Ethereum, Bitcoin, IOTA, and much more. We are the most trusted brokerage company featuring over 4 crypto with a maximum leverage of up to 1:100. We also have a unique and competitive spread with brokers and our customers can enjoy an average of up to 0.2 pips.

About MGC Logic

We are a regulated company located in the Commonwealth of Dominica. MGC logic is a big digital marketing company operated and owned by New Olympia Inc in COTDR. We are also a multi-marketing company working with all types of marketing services for both private and public firms.

Why do our competitors give the wrong impression of our MGC logic?

Basically, our competitors are busy trying to sabotage MGC logic bushiness. We have heard a lot of people complain about our services and our credibility. Basically, from our research, we have managed to track those negative critics about our brokerage and for real, they are coming from our competitors. If you browse across the web today, you will see many fraud allegations written by bloggers and other paid traders accusing the legitimacy of our company. We all have haters and for every successful business, you have to encounter such challenges. We have gone through all the accusations on the internet and our MGC Logic review today will cover all those negative critics.

Is the MGC Logic a scam?

We are a legit company that tolerates zero scams. There are many online rumors claiming that we are a scam company. We thank the almighty because you are here to know the truth. If we are a scam as they claim, we shouldn’t be existing for that long. Of course, for those who might not be aware, there are terms and conditions especially for those making their living online. What if people realize that you are not legit? Will you have customers? A business without customers ends up closing. There are many arguments that we operate our business without a license. How can you operate a business without a valid license for years? It doesn’t make sense, right? The thing is that we cannot be a scam and we’ve never involved in such issues. All our esteemed customers are extremely happy across the globe. All our spreads, leverage, and withdrawals are always online. We would like you to never pay any attention to negative reviews because 99% are not true. You can always do a simple research to get the information you need but never be misguided.

Are funds safe with MGC Logic?

MGC Logic is the best and safe place to be as a trader. There are a lot of features a trader should consider before committing to any broker platform. A lot of features need to be considered for security. Features should also benefit a beginner and our MGC Logic has a trading academy for that matter. We also have a feature like SSL (Secure socket layer). We’ve optimized this feature to ensure that all our customers’ information like credit card details and other sensitive information are fully protected from fraud or theft. Although we’ve not displayed this SSL on our URL, just be guaranteed that it is there making MGC Logic a safe place for veterans and beginners.

Is there any MGC Logic withdrawal issue?

There are many false accusations as far as withdrawing cash is concerned. There are very few companies today that will ask for additional personal details while withdrawing both large and small amounts. You are required to produce documents like a driver’s license or ID card, pictures of your credit card and proof of address.
The controversy here rotates around the demands of these details although it is not uncommon in some companies. Many companies ask their customers to produce credit card details as proof to avoid cases of money laundering, theft, or even worse can happen.
Basically, the MGC Logic fraud accusation is completely reliant on the same condition. However, our company offers standard trading options for our traders and competitive spreads and leverage. We completely have no withdrawal issues.

MGC Logic Deposits and withdrawals

Actually, it is very important to always check the deposit and withdrawal options as far as any financial company is concerned. The good thing is that MGC Logic has everything tailored in a way that makes the platform user-friendly and accessible even to beginners. Many deposit and withdrawal options for both large and small amount is important. Although we don’t have many options, the Credit card and WIRE Transfer options are pretty enough to do all your transactions.


We offer a minimum deposit of up to $250 and a maximum of up to $1000 only for basic accounts. This limit grows depending on the account that a customer chooses. We recommend a basic account to beginners as they work to upgrading them when they’re experienced.


Our platform becomes a little complicated when it comes to withdrawals. For a faster withdrawal process, it is important for our esteemed customers to provide the following details.

  • Proof of address ( The address should be at least 6 months old)
  • Personal ID ( this can be driver’s license, ID card, or even birth certificate)
  • Proof of the photo. You should provide your photo holding details such as a credit card covering all the information.

We are taking these measures to ensure that there are no illegal businesses going on and to protect our customers against fraud and theft.
Keep in mind that we don’t have any deposit or withdrawal fee and the money takes up to 7 business days to process.

Why should you trade with MGC logic?

There are many reasons to trade with us. Below are among the few reasons:


We have an MGC Logic academy to help traders gain more knowledge in the trading industry. The package contains relevant information. Our customers have free access to this information making their fundamental and technical analysis easier. There are also video charts analysis, weekly market review, and asset index, free eBooks, and introductory courses.

Initial capital offerings

You not only benefit from easy accessibility to our trading services but also, our platform is dedicated to supporting new blockchain-based projects. If you maneuver to the ICO section, you will find endorsed projects by the company. You can get advantage of new offerings by just buying the token at a discount.

Innovative trading platform

The cryptocurrency market is basically one of the hardest markets to deal with. We developed our MGC Logic to offer the traders the best trading experience. It is available on both mobile and desktop devices offering up to 32 trading pairs. The Fiat pairs include Euro, USD, and Australian Dollar which makes it simple to shift from fiat to crypto and vice-versa with ease. Crypto to crypto pairs allows the traders to move from a single token to another directly without exchanging to fiat. Reports, instrument popularity feature, stop loss, take profit, price alerts, one-click trading, and margin trading are some of the features included in our platform.

Account types

We have several trading accounts options to assist our customers to choose the one that best fits their needs. They are:
1. Basic ($250)
2. Bronze (10,000)
3. Silver ($50,000)
4. Gold ($250,000)
5. Platinum ($500,000)
6. Black ($500,000)


Our company is fully licensed and can fulfill industry-standard features.


We also have a very responsive and superb customer support which operates 24/7. Feel free to raise your concern and we will respond as soon as possible.

Final word

The above is an honest review of our MGC Logic platform. Did we answer all your questions? We hopefully think that you are convinced that we are legit and ready to welcome new customers. Always remember that many people will try to pull you down when starting a business but that should NEVER stop you. To our esteemed customers, thank you for keeping MGL Logic busy as it is. We hopefully think that you are doing extremely well. Happy trading! Thank you