Bitcoin Popularity Causing People To Invest Mortgages

Bitcoin Popularity Causing People To Invest Mortgages

Ever since the popularity of cryptocurrencies surged, people have been wanting to join in on the action in an
attempt to score a profit for themselves. Even though they’re still one of the more controversial subjects,
there’s no denying their overall impact on the world. The growing prices, widespread use and convenience of
Bitcoin has caused people to go to somewhat crazy lengths while investing.

Going All In

Joseph Borg, a securities regulator, says that there are more people than ever willing to take big risks in their
investments – going as far as taking out house mortgages to trade Bitcoin. People’s numerous success
stories out there have motivated others to try their hand at trading. Ever since it broke the $20k mark back in
2017, many are hoping to see a similar spike happen as soon as possible.

Wide media coverage and the constant talk on social media about the future of cryptocurrency played a hand
in reaching a far bigger audience. The 35 million different crypto wallet users recorded in the first quarter of
2019 is a ridiculous statistic when compared to 7 million in the 2016. This is a whopping 400% increase in a
3 year time frame.

The ‚Bitcoin Mania‘ shows no signs of stopping anytime soon. After all, it’s human nature to take risks,
especially those that could have a really good return on investment. With more and more companies
adopting Bitcoin as a way of paying, even the skeptics are starting to see it as an accessory that’s here to stay.

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The Bullish Outcome

Investments, especially high valued ones, play a big role in influencing a bull market. This is a term used to
describe a stock – or in this case, a cryptocurrency – whose value is rising and expected to continue that way
in the future. Mortgages are high in value and even a few of these investors could cause the price to continue

Even though the future of a market can’t be known with certainty, it can be somewhat predicted. Buying in,
holding and waiting for the next jump has become one of the most common tactic in the cryptocurrency
world. As the acceptance spreads around the globe, Bitcoin keeps the reputation as a good investment even
in 2019. If you’d invested $10 in 2010, the price today would be equal to more than $1 million!

With websites like Coinbase, users can easily convert between Bitcoin and fiat currency. This gained
worldwide attention, and today Coinbase has around 13 million different users. Even Facebook, one of the
world’s largest companies, started creating its own cryptocurrency. Although this might seem like a
downside since it’s going to act as competition, imagine just how many more new investors could appear.
Every new person that learns about Bitcoin becomes a new possible investor.


Bitcoin popularity is still on the rise, and it’s not too late to join millions of other people that all share the
same goals. However, it’s important to only invest what you can afford to lose. Even though there’s no telling
what could happen, the road ahead for Bitcoin is looking very bright. Still, you probably shouldn’t go taking
out mortgages just for this purpose.