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What Is Dash

With so many cryptocurrencies entering in the market, differentiating the good from the not-so-good is not easy to say the least. It is quite possible that over the past eight or nine years many dozens of new cryptocurrencies could have hit the market and therefore monitoring each one of them could be a tough and difficult task. However, there are a few cryptocurrencies that have stood the test of time and one such cryptocurrency is Dash. So, in
The initial release of this cryptocurrency happened on January 14, 2014 and the latest release happened only around a month back on May 31, 2019. It was initially known as DarkCoin and the main objective was to ensure that the end-users enjoyed the best of privacy, safety and security. According to many experts, this is perhaps the first privacy and safety-centric cryptocurrency in the market and is considered to be better than Bitcoin in more ways than one.
However, in this article MGC Logic will help you understand what is dash, which is a trading platform that helps cryptocurrency buyers and sellers to do their trading, investment and other such digital currency activities.

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What Is Dash Trading And How Does It Work?

We know that each and every cryptocurrency trader, whether individuals, groups or corporate entities require a trading platform for buying and selling their cryptocurrencies. Dash Trading is one such trading platform that not only helps Dash end-users to carry on their buying, selling and investment activities. With so many platforms out there trying to know more about this particular platform and comparing it with others could be a tough task. However, we will be looking at the various features of Dash trading and find out how it actually works on the ground.
It allows the users to make the best use of the various features that comes attached with Dash. For example, it can accommodate impressive features of Dash like instantsend and privatesend. It also takes into account the fact that Dash has one of the best peer-to-peer networks. When you are using the Dash trading platform, you will be able to make use of the dash force news and other documentary for information and knowledge purposes.

A Dash trading website Like MGC Logic allows the Dash cryptocurrency users to open an account, sign up, log in, make an initial deposit and start using the platform for making payments, get payments for sale and also use as an investment avenues.

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How Is Dash Better Than Bitcoin

While there is no denying the fact that there are some unique features that make Dash trading the right platform for Dash users, we certainly need to find out how this cryptocurrency compares with Bitcoin. This is quite natural because, Bitcoin is the benchmark against which all new cryptocurrencies are compared. Let us therefore try and find out a few reasons as to why Dash could be a better option when compared to Bitcoin.

Scalability is one of the main problems of any cryptocurrencies. There is no denying the fact that Dash has quite a few features that make it better than bitcoin. It takes around 2.5 minutes for a new block to be generated in Dash. On the other hand, as far as bitcoin is concerned, making a new block of around 1 MB takes around 10 minutes. 2.5 minutes, according to some experts is a beginning and with improvement in protocols this speed could increase even further. The dash ecosystem is fully self-managed and therefore when it comes to marketing campaigns, development costs and so on, they are much better placed than bitcoin. Though this might not impact customers directly, it does augur well for the future because it will help them to have a cryptocurrency that is in tune with changing times.
Transaction costs are certainly cheaper when compared to bitcoin. With the Dash Trading platform to support Dash customers, it is quite obvious that customers will be able to save big money when they decide to use dash as the major cryptocurrency for making investments, and also buying and selling of cryptocurrencies not only of Dash but also of other names in the market. New security features are in place and this makes counterfeiting and hacking almost impossible with Dash. The price of Dash bitcoin is moving quite satisfactorily and there have a few instances where the prices have surged beyond normal limits. There was a period in May 2019 when the price of Dash bitcoin surged by almost 40% and it is a record of sorts even now. As mentioned earlier, there is a feature known as PrivateSend that might slightly tip the scales in favor of Dash as far as improved security, safety and privacy features are concerned.

Some Ground Rules For First Time Dash Buyers And Investors

Whether you are a entering the market as a first time buyer or as an investor, in addition to our Trading Academy, there are a few things you must keep in mind.

Stay away from the howling crowd. There will be many nay-saying minds that will persuade you to stay away from Dash or Dash Trading. They will try and poison your mind with all the untrue news about Dash. You should turn a deaf ear to them and go only by facts, knowledge and information. Be ready for the unexpected. Though in the long term Dash is certainly a good cryptocurrency, there is bound to be quite a bit of volatility in the interim. You could come across some unexpected surprises and shocks along the way. You must know how to absorb the same. Stay away from bad investment or trade strategy. Your investments or buying using Dash Trading should be based on solid fundamentals and not based on some pep-talk by some so-called cryptocurrency guru who are there in quite a few numbers on the internet. You must learn to perform your due diligence properly and then decide as to which is the best time to invest, how much you should invest, when you should move out and what should be your profit goal and so on. Don’t over-invest as a first time investor. You must tread carefully as a first-time investor and should not go overboard with huge investments. If you lose, you must be in a position to withstand the loss.

is no doubt that while Dash is a quality cryptocurrency with a bright future, Dash Trading might offer you the right platform for you to trade and invest safely. Whether it is opening a new cryptocurrency account or having a safe wallet, you can trust Dash Trading quite a bit.