Bonus Policy

MGC Logic offers generous bonuses to new and experienced traders. These bonuses and promotions are intended to help our cryptocurrency traders advance their career. Our rewards are part of what makes MGC Logic a successful cryptocurrency trading company.

Earn bonuses for depositing cash

At times, MGC Logic will offer bonuses to those who deposit and trade cryptocurrency. To receive a bonus, one must trade twenty times as much money as the size of the bonus plus twenty times as much money as one deposited. For example, a trader might deposit $10,000 and be eligible for a bonus of $5000. This works out to a sum of $15000. To withdraw the $5000 bonus, one would have to trade $300,000 ($15000X20) worth of cryptocurrency. The bonus will not be possible to withdraw from one’s account until one reaches a trading volume of $300,000.

If the bonus is large enough relative to how much money the trader deposited, a larger trading volume will be required before the trader will be able to withdraw their reward. If the size of the bonus is less than 51% of the size of the deposit, a trading volume of only twenty times higher is required. However, if the size of the bonus is between 51% and 100% the size of the deposit, a trading volume of twenty-five times higher will be required.   For example, if a trader is eligible for a bonus of $8000 and has deposited $10000, then they would have to trade 25X($10000+$8000) or $450,000 worth of cryptocurrency to receive the $8000 bonus. One will have to trade still larger volumes for even larger bonuses. One will have to trade thirty times their deposit + bonus in order to receive a bonus of 101%-200% the size of their deposit. For bonuses over 200%, a trading volume of thirty-five times higher will be required.

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No risk for first trade and first trade bonuses

From time to time, MGC Logic may offer bonuses of between a tenth and half of the deposit amount to new traders. This type of bonus will not exceed $1000. These small bonuses are intended to allow a new trader to use their bonus to get started in trading. MGC Logic also offers new traders their money back if their first trade expires.  The first trade risk-free feature only applies to a user’s first trade. If the client chooses to use the “sell back” option for their initial deal, a bonus will not be given. There are also no bonuses for traders that invest a more substantial amount than the maximum first trade risk-free bonus. The trading volume must be at least thirty times the bonus plus the deposit before the trader can withdraw the bonus.

Tradable Bonus

Occasionally, MGC-logic might provide its clients with a tradable bonus as high as 100% (maximum) of the deposited amount.  The client will be offered a tradable bonus which will be released into the trading account as cash balance after achieving the trading volume requirement, which is 50% of the given tradable bonus as trade-points. Each trader point is equal to $400,000

Instant cash bonus policy

MGC Logic traders may from time to time, earn instant bonuses that can be used for trading immediately. One must trade thirty times the sum of the bonus and the deposit to withdraw these instant bonuses. If a trader chooses to close their account before the required trading volume is reached, the trader can only withdraw the original deposit and not the bonus.

Trading insurance bonus policy

MGC Logic may at times offer special insurance as a bonus to some of its traders. Regardless of the amount of profit involved, a trader may be protected from losses up to 50 percent of the amount of money deposited. For example, we may choose to protect against losses of up to $2500 for a $5000 deposit. One’s trading volume only has to be fifteen times the value of the insurance bonus + the deposit for one to be able to make use of the insurance.

Additional terms for all bonuses

MGC Logic has the right to change the terms by which bonuses are offered at any time and for any reason. All changes will be made public. Even after a bonus has been given, MGC Logic has the right to change the requirements for a trader to withdraw the bonus. At its sole discretion, MGC Logic may offer compensation to traders who lost money using this service. Whether or not our company gives any compensation is solely up to MGC Logic, and no one who uses this service has a legal claim to compensation. MGC Logic takes fraud very seriously and will punish those who engage in it. Any strong suspicion of deceit will result in MGC Logic temporarily or permanently closing the account in question. If MGC Logic chooses to close an account for fraudulent activity, MGC Logic will cancel all of the traders’ bonuses.

Terms and conditions for our bonus policy


Any trader must use their bonuses within a limited amount of time. If the trader does not use the bonus within the amount of time specified by the special offer, MGC Logic will cancel the bonus. MGC Logic will only give bonuses if the trader meets all of the conditions of the special agreement. For example, one might have to buy a minimum number of options within a limited amount of time. If a trader does not strictly fulfill all of the requirements, there will be no bonus.  Traders are not allowed to abuse the bonus system. If a trader chooses to abuse bonuses rather than fairly use them, than the rewards may be canceled and the account may be banned or suspended.  MGC Logic reserves the right to change the terms of a special offer at any time.  No trader is required to accept bonuses. Once a bonus has been inserted into an account, a trader cannot choose to remove it voluntarily.

If a trader attempts to withdraw a bonus before meeting all of the withdrawal requirements, in order to avoid any fraud or scam we will cancel all of their bonuses. MGC Logic does NOT recommend always accepting all bonuses. One should only accept a bonus if they know how to profit from it.  By accepting a bonus, a trader agrees to be bound by these terms and conditions.

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