Bitcoin Trading

Bitcoin is also described as cryptocurrency. It is a type of money that is fully virtual and digital. For example, it is an online version of cash. You will have to follow the basic rule in Bitcoin trading – that is buying low and selling high as much as possible. You do not need to Buy hold the Bitcoin for a long time of period. You will have to know the basic trading plan of Bitcoin and learn how to apply and execute these in real life. MGC Logic will help you evert step of the way


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How does Buying Bitcoin work?

Bitcoin is a computer-based file. It is generally stored in a digital wallet application on your smartphones and computers. Other people can send the Bitcoin to your digital wallet. From there, you can also send Bitcoins to other people as well. This mode of transaction is called block chain. This method can stop the people who spending Bitcoins which they do not own. This can also undo the overall transaction as well. You can also trace the history of the Bitcoins. All the confirmed and legal transactions are included in the block chain. All the transaction will be verified through Block chain system.

Bitcoin trading vs. investment:

You will have to understand the whole fact very first. Bitcoin investing and trading are not the same at all. You will have to understand the differences. Generally, people investing in Bitcoin means they are buying Bitcoin for a long period of time. They believe in the policy of Study all there is to know about this product rising money high. Due to the advanced technology, ideology and the team behind the currency make people investing in Bitcoin.  On the other hand, the Bitcoin traders buy and sell Bitcoin in a very short time of period. Traders see the Bitcoin as an instrument of making money. They do not want to study about the technology and ideology of the Bitcoin. They simply make profit out of it. But Bitcoin is very much volatile. You can make money if you can manage to anticipate the market properly. Bitcoin trade market open 24/7 unlike the traditional market.

Benefits of Buying Bitcoins:

There are so many advantages of Buying Bitcoins just because of its unique nature.

  • This is very new in the market. This can also offer some unique possibilities in order to make money.
  • Lower the fraudulent risk for buyers:This method can fulfill the payments without divulging any kinds of financial information about buyers to the seller. Actually Bitcoin purchases are discrete. The purchases are not associated with the identity and other kinds of personal information as well.
  • No third party: In this kind of transaction, there is no interruption of the third party. It is the most recognized benefits of Bitcoin. So, in this transaction, there is no interruption from the side of Government, bank and other financial organizations. So, the buyers and sellers are getting the actual freedom in this mode of transaction.
  • Lower the transaction fees: The transaction fee of Bitcoin is very low than the other modes of transaction such as debit or credit cards. So, you can enjoy this benefit as you will go to your favorite destination and all.
  • Not taxable: There are no traces of third parties. So, there is no one who can trace your transaction. So, you do not need to give sales tax for any of your purchases as well.
  • Easy to use in any places: It is very easy to use. You can use the same currency in different countries as well. You do not need to go to the local banks in order to convert the currencies. This is obviously a big benefit for the users.
  • Quick payment: You do not need to face any kinds of obligations such as card locks and all. So, you can complete your payment with Bitcoin very quickly. This is the safest and quick method than the traditional credit card transaction.

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Some Bitcoin trading rules for beginners:

There are certain rules that you should follow if you are a beginner in this platform. These are as follows:

  • Take risks that you can afford: There are many people who will take risk more than they can afford. It is a great mistake. You will have to take risks that you can afford to lose, not more than that. Trading is very risky. So, you will have to invest money that you are comfortable with.
  • Having proper plan: Before Buying Bitcoin, you will have to make sure about the proper plan related to that. You should not go without a proper and applicable plan. The proper plan can give you the clear profit rules.
  • Discard fear and greed:You will have to discard the fear and greed. These two are very vital emotions in this case. Fear can stop you from going further. There are so many disturbing news and articles that can demotivate you. But you should stand strong. Greed is another emotion that can rule you. So, you will have to be strong and dismiss these negative emotions.


Bitcoin is one of the very big things in the emerging technology of e-commerce. This can improve the overall e-commerce system as well. The buyers and sellers, both get the profit out of it. It is very quick and easy method to make profit without the risk and loss. There are many professional Bitcoin traders in the world from whom you can take useful tips. It is the safest methods of transaction in the world. It is a smart way to accept the trends of Bitcoin transactions.