At MGC Logic, we value the security of our clients’ information. Apart from ensuring the deposit of funds in their respective accounts is quick and more comfortable, we ensure the security of our clients, information security is guaranteed and cannot get into the hands of unauthorized personnel.

Depositing funds into your account can be done in two ways:

Credit or Debit card

We accept both the credit and Debit card as well as the MasterCard and Visa. These are the means of payment which are recognized internationally.

*Please note that your card will be debited in russian rubles, at your bank’s own rate.

Wire Transfer

This can be done online by following our simple guidelines. Our customer service operates 24-hours in a day, seven days in a week to ensure they have addressed your concerns if any.


We only accept deposits amounting $500/ 500/500 respectively. The maximum amount you can deposit is $1000/1000/1000. To those making their first deposits, we usually demand proof of identification.

Deposits made via Credit or Debit Card reflects on your account instantly, and you can start to trade. At MGC logic, we take the shortest time possible to process your payments. However, there are banks with a standard security duration when it comes to Wire Transfers, to confirm whether this applies to you, you have to check with your provider.

At the moment, we are only accepting deposits in GBP, USD, and Euro. If you need to deposit any other currency apart from the those indicated, you should first contact our agents for guidance. The agent will give clear guidelines on what you need to deposit your money successful. For instance, you can be advised to convert your currency into GBP, USD or Euro, which are accepted by MGC logic.

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