Is MGC Logic REALLY A Scam

Why people shouldn’t believe the MGC logic scam label

In any industry around the world, reviews are part of the business. Every successful company has to deal with the good and bad, and the internet makes it easier than ever to leave damaging reviews.

MGC Logic has received plenty of praise from well-respected names in the cryptocurrency industry. However, we have also received a few negative reviews along the way. In some of those reviews, there is some misinformation out there that might mislead potential customers. Here’s a closer look at some of those claims, and the real truth.

Remember, the best way to form an opinion on us is to sign up for an account and try us out. We are happy to assist every new user so they maximize their experience. We want everyone to utilize all the tools we provide to take their trading to another level.

MGC Logic Scam Myths, Explained

Below is a look at some common complaints in poor reviews. We want to make sure that we address many of these issues to clear things up, and provide our side of the story.

This list will be updated in the future if any additional myths start making the rounds in reviews. It is important to us to stay on top of these myths and provide people with true information.

Poor withdrawal conditions

Some reviews have taken information directly from our website to make it seem like we have huge restrictions on withdrawals. While we do reserve the right to decline any withdrawal, we do this to protect every customer. If we feel like an account has been compromised, or there is suspicious behavior coming from the account, most people appreciate us denying the request.

We do not abuse the system in any way. People who have been using MGC Logic for a while can attest to the fact that we do whatever possible to accommodate fast, stress-free withdrawals every single time. A person is entitled to the funds in their account, and we only put accounts under investigation for extremely suspicious behavior. Even in those situations, we work quickly with each customer to settle any discrepancies so business can return to normal. In the majority of cases, we have the opportunity to clear up any issues in as little as one business day.

High minimum deposit requirement

Our goal has always been to be a safe trading platform for those involved in cryptocurrency. We attract those who take their craft extremely seriously and want a platform that feels the same. Our minimum deposit requirement is set up to ensure that we get traders who are as invested in cryptocurrency as much as we are.

There are indeed platforms out there that require a much smaller initial investment, but they are also constantly dealing with spam accounts and other headaches.

After doing extensive research, we feel confident that our current deposit requirements are fair. It’s not too small of an amount that brings in spam accounts, but still low enough that pretty much anyone can use the platform.

Limited payment methods

We are constantly working hard to accept as many payment methods as possible. Approvals can sometimes take a long time, which is just as frustrating for us as it is for customers.

Currently, we accept payments with a Visa or MasterCard credit card, or wired money. As we continue to grow, customers should expect to have more options available to transfer money. Not all payment methods have fully embraced cryptocurrency, which has caused some delays on that front. This is not an isolated problem for MGC Logic, but something that everyone in the industry must face.

Hidden fees are part of MGC Logic

We strongly believe in no additional charges or hidden fees for any of our customers. While many competitors try to squeeze additional fees out of customers as time goes on, MGC Logic has always been transparent about charged fees.

Not only do we refrain from charging any hidden fees, but there are no third-party fees either. This allows our customers to trade freely and feel more rewarded without having to give up any additional money.

MGC Logic is not a secure platform

We fully understand the importance of security when dealing with cryptocurrency trading. Customers are depositing real money into their accounts, so we understand that any platform like us will be targeted from time to time to see if there are any security loopholes.

If existing customers do not feel 100% secure using our platform, they would quickly look for an alternative. We have been able to retain a large number of our customers thanks to our commitment to security.

Customers should expect consistent updates at all times. We pride ourselves on staying at the forefront of security, limiting the opportunity of any account being compromised. Currently, we have 100% SSL encryption technology on the platform. We also do not save any confidential information.

We encourage all people using our platform to take standard precautions to protect their accounts as much as possible. Don’t share the name of the account or the password with anyone else. Use a strong password, and change it every so often. Also, don’t use a password that is used for many other accounts, because there is no telling how little security there might be on that front.

Customer funds are not insured

Every single time a person signs up with a new cryptocurrency trading website, they are gambling on that company. We understand that just one mess up can compromise trust in a major way. That is why we have taken steps to ensure all customer funds if something were to happen.

There are too many horror stories out there where companies have utilized a fly-by-night strategy. MGC Logic has been around for a while now, and we are here to stay. The companies to watch out for that might be failing to insure funds do not stay around long at all.

If something were to happen to our company, we stand by our customers. We will do everything within our powers to protect customers and their funds. If the funds are compromised, we have protection plans in place to help recoup those losses.

MGC Logic is an unregulated broker

A lot of reviews have shown concerned as far as regulation. They see that MGC Logic is an unregulated broker, and therefore a company not worth trusting. The company works the same as any regulated broker, living up to the same standards each and every day. Our goal is to be as transparent as possible on our website, proving to our customers that we are what are the best options around.

It’s concerning to some people that MGC Logic isn’t officially a regulated broker, but a solid track record trumps official language in most cases. Many customers have used MGC Logic for a while, and have had no complaints whatsoever.

Customers are encouraged to stay tuned about any developing regulation news. We are working hard to provide even more ways for customers to trust using the platform.

An offshore brokerage is not trustworthy

Many reviews have pointed out that MGC Logic is located in Dominica. That automatically leads to the conclusion that the website can’t be trusted in any way. Those assumptions are completely false, and there are other reputable companies nearby that are a testament to that as well.

There are companies located all around the globe, and that isn’t going away any time soon. The world is only going to become smaller, opening opportunities for significant growth in different locations.

There are advantages to us being offshore, but that does not compromise our ability to provide great service overall. We still provide full customer support at all hours of the day. We operate the same as any other brokerage.

All the positive reviews are fake

MGC Logic has had the pleasure of working with many satisfied traders. We offer no compensation for positive reviews, nor do we even encourage them. Those reviews from actual users are real testimonials.

What many will realize with the poor reviews is that most of them never actually used our site. Instead, they did minimal research, and based all opinions off of assumptions.

We take pride in leaving it up to reviewers to share their experiences with the world. Our confidence in the service we provide has always been there, and it has been backed up by a fair amount of positive reviews.

Our final thoughts on negative reviews

At the end of the day, positive reviews will outweigh the negatives. We have many current and former customers who had flawless experiences trading cryptocurrency on our platform. There will always be a vocal minority who either didn’t have success with us, or are connected in some way to an alternative.

If any potential customers have any additional questions or concerns about what they read in a review, feel free to contact us directly. We are open to answering anything to make a potential customer feel safe doing business with us.